By Emily Veitch

While we can’t stress enough how important having a proper content strategy is, there are a few small but impactful changes you can make to your fan page to improve its appearance and effectiveness.

1. Choose your profile picture carefully.

When potential fans are searching for your brand page, they will need to be able to recognise it instantly among similarly named or branded pages. Make sure your logo or name is easy to read even when the picture is reduced to a thumbnail. If you use a picture as well as your logo, make sure the picture also looks neat when the image is in thumbnail format – you don’t want to cut your visuals in half. You also have a lot of real estate on your actual page for your profile picture – make it interesting. Remember, bright and simple is best.

2. Choose your picture strip thoughtfully.

Be particular about the photographs you use in the strip at the top of your fan page. Images should be neat, clearly visible and should help to communicate what your brand stands for. Avoid repeated, blurry, badly composed or cropped photos.

3.  Get someone else to proof-read your page.

Spelling and grammatical errors, type or coding bugs and badly phrased sentences or inconsistent use of capitals makes your brand page look sloppy and unprofessional. Online you have to communicate concisely manner. Get at least one other person to give it a once over.

4. Double check your ‘about’ copy.

There is a small text area beneath your profile picture for a short description of your brand or service offering. However, you are only allowed a limited number of characters for this description – exceed them and your text will be cut off mid-word (with a ‘see more’ link below it). As you can imagine, this could potentially be very funny and/or dangerous. So make sure yours reads properly.

5. Make sure your info is informative.

Get a writer to help you with your info tab so that it is punchy, impactful and stylishly written. Don’t forget to use the space that is left to supply links to your Twitter handle, your website and your blog if you have one. Also if it’s appropriate, include your customer service contact information.

Although these changes seem small, our experience has shown they really help to improve pages and the overall brand impression a fan is left with.

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