About us


Peppermint Source is a division of South Africa’s popular freelancer directory, Freelancentral.co.za, which has over 4,500 local marketing industry freelancers on its database.

We help clients put effective brand, marketing, social media and content strategies in place and then help roll them out. This is handled internally if it involves strategy or copywriting – or we brief and manage our network of freelancers and other creative suppliers. Perhaps you know you need to do some marketing, but just don’t know where to start, and hiring an in-house marketing manager isn’t an option. Or maybe you’re an ad, design or digital agency that doesn’t have content strategy or other strategic capabilities in-house and you’re looking for this resource to complement your team on projects.

Peppermint Source is a bridge between freelancers/small agencies and clients – an alternative to using the larger agencies, or having to brief and manage freelancers yourselves. We’re your virtual marketing managers, if you like. Our small team of strategic-thinking consultants and project managers is experienced, unpretentious, practical, enthusiastic and effective – a truly fresh take on outsourced marketing.

We listen more than we talk. We want to know your business inside out before we start recommending things for you. We genuinely love developing engaging messages and creative executions that interest, hook and convert prospects into loyal clients.

About Jo Duxbury


After over a decade as a suit in advertising, marketing and communications industries in London and Cape Town, Jo launched Freelancentral in early 2006. As well her marketing strategy, consulting and project management expertise, Jo is a perfectionist who has a thing about marking up copy in red pen – and can produce a mean PowerPoint presentation.

Her interests lie in great marketing, beautiful design, clever copy and online media. She operates on a basis of high competence, honesty and integrity and above all, believes that work should be fun.

For more, see Jo’s blog, her LinkedIn profile or follow her on Twitter here.

Why ‘Peppermint Source’?


Peppermint is fresh. It’s natural. It’s good. Minty toothpaste cleans and freshens your mouth, peppermint tea is good for digestion – and who doesn’t like finding a mint on their pillow at a hotel?

Of course, ‘source’ refers to our outsourced marketing model and the creatives we outsource to too. But it’s also an audio play on ‘sauce’ – that delicious topping that makes your ice-cream just that bit more special. Ever tried adding a shot of peppermint syrup to your hot chocolate? We’d love to add that dash of something special to your business. Our practical, cost-effective marketing strategies show good returns, and will help lift your brand, service or product to that extra special level.